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KCA series rectifying devece for transistor for charging



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Intro: Comparison:Analog controllerFunction of voltage stabilizing and steady flow .Closed loop control .Intelligent PI adjust.Precision ≤ 3%Function of soft startup.Typicla applicationsCharge of accumulator .Industrial DC power supply.Technical parameter:(KMF)SpecificationExteral dimension (H x W x T)Note …



Product Detail:


Analog controller

Function of voltage stabilizing and steady flow .

Closed loop control .

Intelligent PI adjust.

Precision ≤ 3%

Function of soft startup.

Typicla applications

Charge of accumulator .

Industrial DC power supply.

Technical parameter:(KMF)

SpecificationExteral dimension (H x W x T)Note
KCA-15A/36V600 X 500 X 400Single phase
KCA-15A/72V600 X 500 X 400
KCA-15A/90V600 X 500 X 400
KCA-15A/165V600 X 500 X 400
KCA-30A/18V600 X 500 X 400
KCA-30A/36V600 X 500 X 400
KCA-30A/72V600 X 500 X 400
KCA-30A/90V600 X 500 X 400
KCA-30A/165V1200 X 700 X 600
KCA-60A/90V600 X 700 X 400Triphase
KCA-100A/72V1200 X 700 X 400
KCA-100A/165V1200 X 700 X 600

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