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On the second day of CIMES exhibition, the traffic volume reached a new high and high-quality exhibits gathered

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CIMES2018 to Six month Twenty-six It has been successfully held in Japan for two days, and the mood of the audience is high. Many enterprises say that they have gained a lot from watching the exhibition. They hope to organize more people to visit the exhibition site in person.

At this professional event representing the top industrial level of all countries, many world-famous enterprises brought a wealth of new products and technologies, including many new products representing the world's advanced technology level.

In the field of cutting machine tools, advanced manufacturers from Europe and the United States have all appeared. For example: the world's leading machine tool manufacturer demagiesen Seiko will exhibit NZX 2000/800 STY3 , CLX Three hundred and fifty Lathe, milling machine, compound machining center and laser processing equipment, etc.; emark, famous for its handstand, not only brings its advanced products in the field of turning, but also displays vertical gear hobbing machine VL Four H And vertical turning grinding compound machining center VLC Two hundred GT ; the world's largest grinder manufacturer brings a variety of grinding products STUDER Internal and external grinder and WALTER Tool mill; leading supplier of tooling equipment GF The processing plan will show its complete set of solutions in the field of mold processing.

In addition, Qinchuan Machine Tool Co., Ltd. focuses on the whole industrial chain solutions for gear manufacturing, including design, production process and testing equipment; Beijing Jingdiao will show its leading manufacturing technology in the field of micro parts processing; Beijing Machine Tool Research Institute will show a number of high-speed machining centers with independent intellectual property rights.

At the same time, some machine tool manufacturers in Japan and Taiwan of China also appeared. For example, Mazak not only exhibited a series of intelligent manufacturing machine tools, but also brought its exploration and practice results in the field of intelligent manufacturing“ SPS The management system of intelligent chemical plant; while displaying various lathes and processing centers, Okuma machine tool mainly displays“ Okuma Smart Factory ”Intelligent factory model; Taiwan machine tool manufacturers, represented by Taichung precision machine, Kaibo precision machine and Weiyang precision machine, have brought representative economic lathes, milling machines and machining centers.

In recent years, with the increasing application of laser processing technology in the field of sheet metal processing, the laser processing equipment market presents a high-speed growth trend. In this exhibition, tongkuai will focus on two laser cutting machines and TruBend five thousand one hundred and thirty CNC bending machine; Tiantian has brought cutting machine, laser cutting machine, bending machine and other advantageous equipment; after the acquisition of Dinon, 100 super strong attack, in addition to the exhibition of optical fiber laser cutting machine and mobile bending robot, but also the first time to show new products BySmart Fiber A number of brands of Han's laser, a domestic laser equipment manufacturer, were all present. In addition, Pentium truking, lingchuang, bond, Yangli, Yang forging, Jinfangyuan, Yawei and other enterprises have also appeared CIMES2018 。

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