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Emark in CIMES 2018: continuous upgrading of intelligent innovation, comprehensive coverage of industrial chain process

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On June 26, 2018, cimes2018, the largest international machine tool exhibition of the year, opened ceremoniously in Beijing. As a global leader in precision metal parts processing, emark (Booth No.: w1-a201) brought a series of innovative technical equipment such as car milling, drilling and grinding, hobbing, precision electrolysis, laser welding, induction heat treatment, as well as process solutions covered by the whole industrial chain. VL1 twin, a new grinding solution VLC 200 GT, the highest level CNC turning vl8, gearbox gear automatic production line and many other intelligent devices have brought a feast of machining for the visitors.

Continuous innovation

From the invention of the inverted lathe, the creation of reverse processing thinking, to the introduction of modular series of machine tools, emark has always been a leader in the industry in terms of technical innovation and equipment upgrading. Today, with the concepts of intelligence, digitalization, industry 4.0, and the continuous transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, emark has never slackened its efforts in intelligent innovation. The development of a series of intelligent applications, the establishment of laser labs, and the research and development of automation solutions for multiple industries are the most powerful proof.

At the exhibition, mark also focused on displaying a number of innovative equipment.

The highest level of CNC turning equipment - vl8 series machine tools. EMAC vl8 inverted up and down loading lathe is an innovative CNC turning equipment specially designed for large workpieces, which integrates all the advantages of VL series machine tools. Vl8 can complete different turning and milling processes in a complete production process. The integrated automation system ensures the speed required for processing, while the inverted structure ensures high process reliability.

New grinding solution - VLC 200 GT. VLC 200 GT grinding vertical lathe is specially designed for the plate parts processing of automobile transmission gears. The highlight is that: according to the geometric shape and quality requirements of the workpiece, the two machining processes can be combined intelligently and rapidly alternately. Users not only benefit from the efficient turning and grinding in one clamping, but also benefit from its high cost performance. VLC 200 GT has the advantage of small space occupation and flexible connection with workshop equipment.

Intelligent interconnection

With the coming of intelligent and digital era, more and more attention has been paid to automatic production and flexible manufacturing, which is also the strength of emark. In this exhibition, mark will connect the double spindle lathe vl3 duo with another modular vertical gear hobbing machine vl4h through trackmotion automation system, and set up an automatic production line for gearbox gear processing on site. In this production line, vl3 duo has two independent machining areas dedicated to op 10 and op 20, respectively turning two surfaces of the workpiece. Vl4h simultaneously Hobbes the workpiece. The two machine tools are connected with each other through trackmotion automation system which integrates the functions of conveyor belt, converter and Turner, so as to realize a complete turnkey solution for gear processing from blank, finish turning and hobbing.

"According to the actual needs of customers and the industry, research and develop intelligent innovative applications of various equipment, integrate the characteristics and advantages of different machine tools, and cooperate with each other to achieve the best process effect and boost productivity. In emark's view, the ultimate goal of industry 4.0 is to meet the personalized needs of customers and help customers gain real value. " Mr. Dr. UWE Ronde, CEO of emark (China) Machinery Co., Ltd., explained.

Full coverage

As a professional enterprise with nine process technologies of turning, drilling, milling, grinding, hobbing, hot sleeve assembly, laser welding, electrochemical process and induction hardening, emark is one of the few suppliers in the world who can provide complete process technology for the whole processing chain. "Limited by the display area, region and other factors, in previous exhibitions, users can only see a small part of our products, and many innovative processes can only rely on the text introduction of sample data. In this CIMES 2018, in order to let the audience get to know us to the greatest extent, mark specially adopted the concept of innovative model machine to show all the technologies and processes of the company in an all-round way. " Mr. Lin Jin, marketing director of Taicang branch of emark (China) Machinery Co., Ltd., said.

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