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Beijing International artificial intelligence conference details, must not miss the cutting-edge scientific and technological information!

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Beijing International artificial intelligence conference is a top-level event in the field of artificial intelligence co sponsored by Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd., China International Association for the promotion of science and technology, and International Alliance for the innovation and development of artificial intelligence. It is a one-stop platform for science and technology exchange, trade, and consumption experience, integrating technology product trading, industrial technology exchange, interactive practical experience, and creative industry incubation.

3E? Beijing International Artificial Intelligence Conference will be held in two thousand and eighteen year Seven month Seven day -9 Held at the National Convention Center in Beijing, China, on August 1 Twenty-two , 000 Square meters, held a number of artificial intelligence professional forums at the same time. Beijing is the center of talent, science and technology, capital and culture of the country and even the world, 3E Relying on the regional advantages and the organizing committee's professional exhibition advantages, it will build a platform for display, transaction and docking of the whole industrial chain of the artificial intelligence industry, and is committed to promoting the development of the artificial intelligence industry.

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