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Cimes2018 launched the blue book on the development of China's machine tool industry (2018)

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In June this year, at the 14th China International Machine Tool Exhibition, the blue book for the development of China's machine tool industry (2018) (hereinafter referred to as the blue book) will be officially released, which is jointly prepared by the Information Research Institute of the machinery industry, China Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd. and China Machine Tool Corporation.

On the one hand, the book should faithfully record the development of China's machine tool industry in this era of great change. What's more, it aims to organically link relevant data, information, models, methods, tools, knowledge and expert group knowledge and experience into an overall analysis system, systematically sort out and scientifically analyze the machine tool industry, grasp the new demands and trends of industrial development, and communicate with By forecasting the demand of the user market, mining the new demand and new kinetic energy of machine tool consumption, studying the new law of the development of machine tool industry in the new era, and promoting the healthy development of the industry.

It is reported that the book summarizes the implementation of key tasks and work of China's machine tool industry, evaluates the implementation effect of relevant policies and measures and the development of key areas, analyzes the difficulties and problems existing in the development of China's machine tool industry, summarizes the successful practices and typical cases in promoting the transformation and upgrading of China's machine tool industry, and tracks and studies the development of China's machine tool industry at home and abroad Based on the change of environment, this paper analyzes the new opportunities and challenges faced by the development of China's machine tool industry, and puts forward the next key work and relevant policies and measures for China's machine tool industry.

Blue book mainly includes seven chapters and ten chapters

1. Industrial foundation

Including industry definition, classification and industry chain analysis. The classification of national economy is connected with the classification of international industry, trade and patent.

2. Industrial Development

Starting from the production and consumption, foreign trade, patent development, industrial structure and competition distribution of the machine tool industry, this paper summarizes the development status of the global machine tool industry, and analyzes the development trend of the global machine tool industry in terms of production organization, technological innovation, industrial layout and competition factors in the future.

3. Industrial upgrading

This paper mainly discusses the new forms and new features of the current manufacturing industry, such as industry 4.0, intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing and robotics, discusses the emerging formats and industrial integration of the machine tool industry, and puts forward the directions that need to be focused on in the future.

4. User requirements

This paper analyzes and forecasts the demand of machine tool industry from the stock market of traditional vehicles, incremental market of new energy vehicles and 3C industry, as well as high-end user market.

5. Policy environment

It includes the policy arrangement, analysis and evaluation of developed countries, China and all parts of China in foreign machine tool industry, tracking its promotion status and implementation effect, and providing reference for relevant policy-making revision and enterprise development decision-making.

6. Market Research

Through the form of questionnaire, find out the basic situation of machine tool manufacturers and user enterprises, and quantitatively analyze the development level and characteristics of domestic machine tool industry.

7. Case

Select enterprises with competitive advantages in the industry for key analysis.

Experts in the industry say the blue book is the first one to be launched. They hope it will become an important reference in the industry and provide authoritative references for the government, machine tool manufacturers and upstream and downstream users.

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