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"Pay homage to invisible heroes around us" to welcome the happy ending

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On July 2, with the announcement of the award list, fluke's six week event "pay homage to the invisible heroes around (search article)" came to an end. However, the enthusiasm for engineers to be ignited did not dissipate, but continued to rise. The reason is that it comes from the "test which kind of engineer hero you are" on-line. This means that at the 70th anniversary of fluke, the surprise to everyone is not over, and the new round of highlights will continue!

The list of winners was released, and 35 lucky people were fully announced

Looking back at fluke's "pay homage to the invisible heroes around (looking for Chapter)" activity, it is full of interest and profound significance. In the past six weeks, countless invisible heroic engineers have been found one by one and successively appeared on the fluke activity platform. By uploading work photos and stories, they show a wonderful moment of striving for the cause of test and measurement, which makes the public praise one after another!

Heroic engineers are worthy of admiration, and bole, who finds the beauty of engineers, is hard to find. All of them should be further affirmed with prizes. On July 2, "pay homage to the invisible heroes around you (search)" ushered in the most exciting moment: the full disclosure of the award list. It is reported that, in addition to the users of the "fastest collection praise Award" that has been announced since the start of the activity, a total of 35 participants were lucky enough to receive the surprise award.

Among them, 4 lucky people from 1 to 10 in the praise ranking won the first prize in zosterden suitcase; 8 lucky people from 11 to 30 in the praise ranking won the second prize in Millet scale; 12 lucky people from 31 to 50 in the praise ranking won the third prize in Kingston 16g U disk: 10 lucky people randomly selected from all participating users won the Participation Award fluke's 70th anniversary hat. In addition, the earliest users of "the fastest collection praise Award" will be awarded a fluke bag: containing 70th anniversary coins, 70th anniversary key chain and many other surprise gifts. At present, all prizes are being distributed one after another, and the winners will only be surprised to get home.

It's not just six weeks, it's the long run

The world we live in is just because we have countless engineers who are dedicated in all walks of life, so that we can become a better and safer world. Through fluke's "pay homage to the invisible heroes around (search)" activity, more people feel and understand the hard but positive and sunny side of those unknown engineers, and the sincere feelings and respect for the invisible heroic engineers are increasingly strong.

Therefore, although fluke's "pay homage to the invisible hero around (Search chapter)" activity has come to an end, the positive energy it brings to the test and measurement people will continue to spread and pass on forever. This is exactly what fluke intended to hold this event on the 70th anniversary of 2018.

Thank you for shoulder to shoulder in the past, hand in hand today and looking forward to innovation tomorrow. The story of fluke and engineers working together will continue, and will surely bring more beautiful changes to the world.

Highlight and continue "test what kind of engineer hero you are" activity online

Don't let the user's enthusiasm dissipate! At present, fluke's "test what kind of engineer hero you are" activity has been launched, forming a seamless connection with the just concluded "pay homage to invisible heroes around (looking for Chapter)".

From July 2, a two-week "test what kind of engineer hero you are" activity will invite users to test which kind of engineer hero they belong to by answering questions. During the activity, users can also share the test results to more people through social media, which can not only show their proud identity, but also get rich prizes such as millet scale.

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