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3E Beijing International Consumer Electronics Fair opens on Saturday, with highlights first

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On July 8, the 3E · 2017 Beijing International Consumer Electronics Fair co sponsored by Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd. and IEEE China Federation was solemnly opened in Beijing National Convention Center. With an exhibition area of 30000 square meters, the Expo will comprehensively show the development status of science and technology industry in the field of world consumer electronics, and provide a platform for technology enterprises to exchange and trade technology.

3E Beijing International Consumer Electronics Fair opens on Saturday, with highlights first

Industry giants and rookies gather, and industry chain is presented by classification

With the theme of "science and technology life products exhibition, interactive entertainment experience and creative industry incubation", the Expo has attracted more than 200 exhibitors and enterprises from more than 10 countries and regions around the world, including Google, Huawei, patriot, Nokia, Dajiang, keworth, raker VR, immersive, ofo, belshun and other industry giants and new stars. With 30000 professional visitors, the exhibition focuses on artificial intelligence, intelligent hardware and software, AR / VR equipment, service robots, smart home and Internet of things and other technological innovation products.

Cutting edge new technology, full experience without regret

For exhibitors, at the Expo, 3e Exhibition We will lead the participants to experience the best experience of Ecological Exhibition. In addition to trying out the most cutting-edge subversive new products of various consumer electronics enterprises, we can also race a cool robot competition, listen to enterprises sing rap with AI, wear VR glasses to experience the virtual world, step on the two wheeled scooter to experience the drift, cruise, sharp turn, experience the bone conduction headset full of black Technology This will not only be the annual exhibition stage of consumer electronics enterprises, but also the best time to have insight into the consumer electronics industry.

Gathering of high-end forums and keeping in touch with the forefront of consumer electronics industry

In addition to comprehensively displaying the technical achievements in the field of consumer electronics, the Expo also undertakes the task of further promoting industrial exchanges, narrowing the relationship and cooperation between the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and laying a solid opportunity for the cooperative development of the upstream and downstream of the consumer electronics industry. Therefore, the Expo is supported by Beijing International AR & VR industry integration and innovation development seminar, innovation and sharing (gold) economic era Summit Forum , AI & service robot industry summit, AI + Industry Application Innovation Summit, cash for King Sina VR 2017 China industry sharing meeting and other professional forums and activities bring more opportunities for participants to explore relevant markets and technologies.

Professional association helps to improve the professional level of the exhibition

In addition to the efforts of the organizers, a successful exhibition needs the full support of more professional associations. 3E exhibition has formed a positive interaction with AR & VR and other relevant industry associations to ensure the professionalism and leading position of the exhibition.

At present, 3e exhibition has formally reached cooperation with Shenzhen Virtual Reality Industry Association, Zhongguancun hi tech Enterprise Association, Beijing Business Service Industry Federation, China small and medium enterprises virtual reality industry center, Zhongguancun virtual reality Industry Association, China E-Commerce Association virtual reality professional committee, China virtual reality industry alliance and other associations. With the full support and joint efforts of many associations, it is bound to build a consumer electronics exhibition with the highest degree of internationalization and specialization, providing a solid guarantee for the scale and content of the exhibition.

With the help of powerful media, the voice of enterprises can be spread more widely

Gathering nearly 100 mainstream media and focusing on first-class resources, the exhibition attracted the attention and reports of CCTV, Beijing TV, Beijing time, Sohu Video, Tencent, Netease News, Phoenix News, Zhongguancun Online, Pacific computer network, Chinanet and other strong media, maximizing the online and offline brand exposure of the enterprise and making the voice of the enterprise spread to all over the world.

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